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Roposo Clout

Humidifier Purifier Air Conditioner

Humidifier Purifier Air Conditioner

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Introducing the ultimate solution for air quality and comfort in compact spaces - the Humidifier Purifier Air Conditioner. This innovative device combines three essential functions to create the perfect environment wherever you are.


  • 3-In-1: The air cooler features a multifunctional design, which can be used as fan, portable air conditioner, humidifier.
  • Long-Lasting Cooling: The pull-out design facilitates quick removal and cleaning of the filter.
  • Efficient Cooling: Our portable air conditioner draws in hot air and cools it quickly through evaporative water cooling technology.
  • Product Measurement: 15D x 12W x 10H cm
  • Weight: 787gm
  • Humidifier Functionality: Adds moisture to the air to combat dryness
  • Purifier Capability: Removes impurities from the air such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and odors
  • Mini Cooler Feature: Provides instant cooling relief in hot and stuffy environments
  • Compact and Portable Design: Compact size makes it suitable for small spaces like bedrooms, offices, and dorm rooms. Portable design allows for easy transportation between different locations.


Experience the ultimate in air quality and comfort with the Humidifier Purifier Air Conditioner - your versatile solution for fresher, cleaner, and cooler air, wherever life takes you! 



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